• El Salvador
  • Eco-Experiencie

    The fauna and flora of El Salvador are among the most varied and rich on the planet. Many of the activities the country offers will get you...Ver
  • Adventure Sports

    Because of the great number of volcanoes, lakes and beaches, El Salvador offers a multitude of adventure activities. Can you imagine...Ver
  • Water Sports

    With over 300 km of coastline, El Salvador offers its visitors an endless choice of water activities, from a relaxing fishing trip to the...Ver
  • Romanticism

    El Salvador is an enchanting place with a lot of history. A place where you can walk along the streets of colonial towns, the picturesque...Ver
  • Luxury

    What can be better than combining touristic visits with a good dose of doing nothing? How about a relaxing massage, a yacht cruise or a...Ver
  • Cultural Visits

    Another way of learning of the culture and history of El Salvador is to visit its museums and live with its population to discover, first...Ver
  • Night Life

    If after all of the pleasure El Salvador has to offer you during the day, you still want to take in some Salvadoran nightlife, there are...Ver
  • Shopping

    If you are looking for something to take home to remember El Salvador, the best things to buy are some of the country’s colourful...Ver